Term & Conditions

If You Want Use Freeinstagramfollow Instagram Services Then Follow This Term And Condition.

Terms and Conditions Of Instagram
1. The person who is using Instagram should be more than 13 years old.
2. Anyone should not post nude, porn, etc., photos or videos.
3. The person under whose name any activity occurs he/she is responsible for that activity.
4. You should not abuse or hurt anyone’s religion or caste.
5. You are supposed not to break the laws of the jurisdiction on Instagram.
6. Don’t post 18+ content.
7. You are supposed not to make the fake emails and accounts spam anyone.
8. Hacking anyone’s account or doing any wrong thing, strict action will be taken against that person.
9. Don’t use Instagram service for spam purposes and hurting anyone.
10. Don’t post about religion that can lead to wars.
11. The person is responsible for his/her password to keep safe.

Violating any of these terms and conditions then Instagram can terminate one’s account without any advance notice. Content posted on Instagram in which anyone exposes you, then Instagram is not responsible for that.

Terms and Conditions of Veganov Trichy
1. Use at your own risk.
2. technicalsunilg service does not have a partnership with Instagram.
3. Don’t use technicalsunilg Instagram services for doing spam to anyone. We will not bear it.
4. Don’t use our Instagram service to make any third-party site or application.
5. Using our Instagram service, if your account is banned or suspended, then technicalsunilg is not responsible for that.
6. Don’t put duplicate links our system will ban you permanently.
7. Don’t make fake accounts and use the service with that if our system catches you, then the penalty of 50000 will be taken.
8. Do not abuse our website, we will ban those who abuse our website.
9. Don’t Use It For Any Fake Promotion And Public Abuse.
10. Be aware from the clone site of Auto-Liker and we will not responsible for that kind of website.
11. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.